Sunday, August 4, 2013

Comment by Enrique about European Future

@ JMG and Herr Doktor:

JMG said: As for Germany, that's fascinating, utterly plausible -- and potentially explosive. I'll have to do more reading on the phenomena of culture death and see how close the match might be.

This is one of the reasons why an Islamic takeover of Europe is such a likely and frightening scenario. In the long run, if Europe is to survive, it will need more than such weak reeds as secular liberalism, the Religion of Progress and a bunch of vaporous platitudes about “freedom”, “equality”, “diversity” and “tolerance” (all of which the Left routinely and hypocritically jettisons when faced with political and religious views it finds uncongenial) in the face of such a challenge. European civilization will either return to its roots (a la Spengler’s “Second Religiousness”) or it will die, pure and simple.

To be brutally honest, the peoples of Europe need to man up and stop acting like a bunch of deluded, politically correct wimps. The Germans in particular set themselves up for disaster when they abandoned their traditional culture and embraced the ethos of the secular, multi-culti Left and mass consumer capitalism because they were afraid of appearing to be “volkish”, as Herr Doktor alluded to. Considering the events of 1933-1945, it’s understandable why they did so, but throwing the baby out with the bathwater is usually a bad idea. I believe that Russia and many of the Eastern European cultures will survive, precisely because they never abandoned their roots, but I have grave doubts about the survival of Western and Northern European cultures. Juhana has made some good observations about this in some of his comments. Perhaps the next Reconquista will come not from Navarre, Asturias and Galicia, but from Poland, Serbia and Mother Russia.

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