Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kumøkkhuset på Ottestad

Dette halmhuset fra Ottestad ved Hamar er pusset med rein kumøkk, ingen tilsetningsstoffer! På Hedemarken ligger man langt foran Vestoppland i halmhusbygging, så også her må vi se oss parkert av hedemarkingene.

Naturligere overflatebehandling enn dette får man ikke, dritfersk kumøkk! Men det må være møkk fra kyr som går på natureng, silofor duger ikke.


  1. Oh please please translate the picture captions! Are people finally mixing dung into cob? That's the way it was done in the old days... it creates waterproof structures, resistant to mold.

  2. Dear Vera, happy to see you still sometimes visit my blog!

    Yes, my blog is a mess of Norwegian and English language.

    Here is actually used poor cow manure for plastering the walls! Nothing else! I don't remember if they said the manure should be fresh or to first ferment for a while. But what was very important was that the manure was from cattle grazing on natural fields, silage doesn't work. I think this is because of a higher fibre content from natural pasture?

  3. How very cool. Where can I learn more? (I love your blog. Wish I knew Norwegian... :-)

  4. Thanks! But your blog is better! My blog is just a small blog giving a few drops only for a better world. Luckily 3 major blogs have entered the scene in Norway the last few years, so I do now have some hope these can play a larger role in shaping the Norwegian opinion.

    To learn more you should contact the woman who built the house, Elisabeth Grønning Rognmo. Here is an article with her and her house:


    Find her at Facebook here:



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