Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Link between the Norwegian Eco-Philosopher Sigmund Kvaloey Setreng and the Giant Christopher Alexander - about Complexity as the Foundation for Life

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Øyvind Holmstad Says:
February 10, 2015 at 2:34 am

Vera, I want to inform you that it will soon be published a book in Canada about the Norwegian eco philosopher Sigmund Kvaloey Setreng! His father was my father’s teacher. He is quite much philosophizing about generated contra fabricated complexity, and is fully aligned with the philosophy of Alexander. But he calls fabricated complexity “complication”, meaning it’s not real complexity, because it repeats itself.

Generated complexity, or adapted, is TRUE complexity, as it NEVER repeats itself!

Nature never repeats itself, so all complexity generated by nature has a true complex nature, or true complexity.

This is why we MUST turn human structures away from fabricated complexity or complication, to generated complexity, or agile design. Because only generated complexity is RESILIENT!

This is why I have as a slogan: RESILIENCE AFTER MODERNISM!

Deep Ecology was founded by Sigmund Kvaloey Setreng, Nils Faarlund and Arne Naess. The two first grew up in the area here I live, and they spent their childhood playing up in the Totenåsen Hills, just like me: https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toten%C3%A5sen

Please read Nils Faarlund’s resent essay in FC Journal: http://thejournal.link/2015/01/tseringma-pilgrimage/

He’s sitting above Lake Skjeppsjøen, where we used to have our winter games when I was a scout.

I’m really happy you’ve grabbed these ideas Vera, and I hope you’ll reed the forthcoming book about Setreng to elaborate them further!

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