Friday, February 13, 2015

Gail Tverberg about the Return of the Commons after Collapse

Tverberg for once gives a very encouraging comment about a glorious future of the commons!
What it really would be better to do is go back to is the situation before land ownership and goods ownership (other than what you could carry). Then everything would be owned in common. The only restraints would be restraints handed down through the culture that explained how you and others should act. We would probably be back to small “gift economies,” or perhaps a step or two up from that–land ownership schemes that didn’t encourage each person to overuse their own plot, so as to maximize production each year. Also, the few animals owned could be rotated among the plots, to help with fertilization.

When I made the comment near the end that there is really no wealth that is permanent for the long run, I was referring to the fact that our ownership of land and houses depends on a governments continuing to recognize this ownership. There is also the issue of being able to continue to pay taxes, without fossil fuels. Many countries have confiscated land from the wealthy, and redistributed it to the common people. I saw an apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia, that was a subdivided part of a much larger old apartment. - Gail Tverberg

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