Sunday, December 13, 2015

Human Population Grows in a Way Similar to the Way Cancer Grows

Many thanks for your kind words.

I am afraid our problem is a predicament. The world is behaving in the way it was intended to behave, through natural selection. The combination of energy supplies and intelligence allows human population to grow, in a way similar to the way cancer grows.

We can’t know for certain how this turns out. It could become an extinction event. Or it could be an event that is foretold by world religions (and perhaps still will be an extinction event, from the perspective of humans on earth). Or perhaps humans will get a temporary reprieve, and at least some will be able to continue, at least for a while.

I had hoped some religious leaders might have something to say, but I have not run across any with anything to say yet. An awfully lot of people who have to say things about, say, preventing climate change seem to be interested in solutions that might make themselves rich. We don’t have an economy that can “shrink back” in any meaningful way, without collapsing. This is a real problem. - Gail Tverberg

“”Slave equivalent” (still fictive!) that correspond to the French energy consumption in 2011, with the above described assumptions. Most Europeans are in the same rang, and thus have the equivalent of 400 to 500 slaves 24 hours a day! (without the imports, that represent an additional 100 in France).”

How much of a slave master am I?

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