Thursday, May 19, 2016


All countries are linked together. For example, Russia doesn’t make computers, and in fact, no country by itself makes computers. Computers are used in all steps of oil extraction and refining. Computers use practically trace amounts of many different metals. It isn’t possible (without a huge amount of planning and equipment) to recycle old computers into new computers. For a while, it may be able to cannibalize old computers, and use those parts to swap out for broken ones. But over the long ten, this won’t work. It is our high-tech world that makes continuation of our current system impossible. - Gail Tverberg
Var det ikke for vår høyteknologiske verden kunne vi hatt det skikkelig bra. Vi burde vært fornøyd med slik vi hadde det på 1800-tallet, da kunne vi hatt en sivilisasjon i århundrer enda. Men vi gikk i høyteknologifella!

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