Monday, September 19, 2016

Miss Reynolds is Totally Ignorant!

Good examples for strengthening of health!

Here however, is a bummer of an article:

Salingaros' judgement:
Again, a missed opportunity. Michael and I have written explanations of WHY buildings and environments are unhealthy. This reporter, Miss Reynolds, is totally ignorant of that work and asks other people in the architectural establishment who have no clue either.

This profound ignorance is getting to be ridiculous.

Do you wish that Norway again shall have an informed architecture supported by science? Please support:

I am convinced that humanity's salvation lies in the correct application of scientific theory to architecture. Furthermore, I argue that the so-called "theory" used up until now is just cult doctrine and ideology, which is what has destroyed our culture. Nikos A. Salingaros
The cafè building at Ramme Gaard is signalling healthy principles of architecture, and should be an inspiration for the Sustainable Institute of the new Hurdal Urban Village! It has together with the rest of the farm undergone a massive restoration, and opens again next year (2017). Here you can enjoy fresh ecological food from the farm.

The park of the farm is one of the hidden wonders of Norway. It's a kind of baroque New Age - garden full of eastern mysticism and Norwegian fairytales. Don't miss it!

Please, politicians of Hurdal, book a guiding now and go here for inspiration next summer!



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