Thursday, January 14, 2016

Doomers Have an IQ of 130 or Higher

- Collapse Personality Profiles
As mentioned last week, the main Demographic of Doomers are White Males from North America. In the early returns, Females were running at around 20%, higher than expected by my experience haunting Collapse Websites. I estimated this at 10% prior to doing the survey. As further numbers came in through Week 2, the percentage dropped to around 16%, closer to my original estimate. Either way though, this is a Sausage Fest.  lol.

Doomers are by and large very well educated. The majority have a University Degree of Baccalaureate or above (~69%), with 6.72% coming in with a Doctoral level degree, compared to around 2% for the population at large for that level of education. I will say my experience has been you find many Medical Doctors in the Doom Community, much higher than the percentage for the total population. Also many University Profs with Ph.Ds are Doomers, folks like Guy McPherson, George Mobus and Ugo Bardi, etc.

Doomers also have an ASTOUNDINGLY high average IQ. I attributed this at first to the possibility the test is skewed to the upside, but now I am not so sure of this. I got anecdotal reports from a couple of people who have taken longer more "official" tests who told me that the score this test gave them came within 5 points of the official tests they had taken. Also, the vast majority of people who took the test self-reported that the score they got back was accurate. For myself, the test showed that I am stupider than I used to be, coming in this time at 140, but I attribute that to being 3 Sheets to the Wind drunk when I took the test. LOL.

As mentioned before, there is also the possibility people would LIE when self-reporting on this, but there is no good reason for that with an anonymous survey. So I am going to take the survey results at face value, which indicates that around 75% of Doomers have an IQ of 130 or higher. That is compared to only 2.1% of the general population!
Gail Tverberg, the Queen of doomers. She undoubtedly has an IQ above average. She's even a Vossing!

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