Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oslo's New York Greenwich Village?

Oslo's New York Greenwich Village?

- Det er blitt minst like skrekkelig som vi forestilte oss (article in Aftenposten)

Paul Lødøen, Managing Director of Oslo S Utvikling (development) (OSU), compares the new Barcode Wall of Bjørvika, Oslo, with New York's Greenwich Village and the Latin Quarter of Paris!?!

How can an assumed intelligent and well educated person in an important official position, with power to decide the future of Oslo, be that stupid?

With this man as managing director of the new Oslo Central Station Area, I don't see any hope for Oslo anymore. How I wish we could kick out this stupid idiot and replace him with someone like Nikos Salingaros. But if he was kicked out he would probably been replaced with an even worse idiot, as we have too many of them in important positions of this country.

In the top picture of the article in Aftenposten you can press on the different buildings to see the architect firm behind them. One of them is designed by MAD-Arkitekter. With this they probably mean they are cool, something which of course is completely mad.

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