Sunday, December 23, 2012


I just came aware of a new and very promising blog, which name relates to the name of my own blog Permaliv, or translated to English permanent life.

To establish permanent life we need a permanent culture, which is something real that can be achieved! Yes, in spite of satiric comments from Ross Wolf, who nicknames permaculture as "permanent unnature", Christopher Alexander has proved the stupidity of such old-fashioned thinking.
We have now reached the point where we believe that there needs to be a move towards a Permanent Culture. When we talk of a Permanent Culture we do not mean a static culture. On the contrary, we believe that future culture will be dynamic and evolving, but in order to facilitate this there has to be a move away from an unsustainable culture based on endless consumption towards a culture that is permanent in the sense that it is sustainable, or as Holmgren puts it a culture that is “Beyond Sustainability".
Visit their great blog:


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