Friday, March 22, 2013

Piscataquis Village Project - Spring Update

A letter from Tracy Gayton:

Hello to our growing list of “contingent investors” and all that have an interest in the Piscataquis Village Project. Time for a Spring update.

This idea rocks. I love it. Imagine, a community with no cars, small human scale streets and buildings, lots of small plazas and walled courtyards. Sweet. Check it out... this is one cool idea. ♥   - - Searsport, Maine

Since our last update the number of our Facebook Page fans has grown by over 200, and now exceeds 2,800.
I will gladly spread the word on what really is, the coolest project proposed for a county that I hold very dear to my heart. - - Dover-Foxcroft/Gorham, Maine
Our TEDxDirigo Talk presented in October at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine has been viewed over 2,500 times.

So proud to be from Piscataquis County. What I wouldn't give to see this dream become a reality. - - Dover-Foxcroft/Auburn Maine

We had a fun time with Brock Dittus, who invited us to an interview on the Sprocket Podcast - Simplifying the Good Life  out of Portland, Oregon.

Most Importantly? : Three more people from across the USA have made a contingent investment pledge toward our $2,000,000 goal.

From Oregon - I was aware of your efforts and was just now listening to your recent interview on The Sprocket Podcast. I'm sold on the mission and hereby confirm my $10k contingent pledge.

From New Hampshire - Firm believer in your project. Great Concept.

From California - I've been interested in green/car-free living since I learned about the then-forming Ecovillage at Ithaca as a graduate student at Cornell and haven't owned a car in over 20 years.

We now have 39 pledges which total $440,000.

Folks, nothing happens without those investment pledges. Find out about making that pledge to the Piscataquis Village Project by clicking on this link to Investor Basics, and see what the deal is for a future building lot, a legacy for your children, or an investment.

I think your project is really interesting! I really like in the way you are organizing and promoting your project, and I think we have lots of things to learn from your experience for our projects in Switzerland and nearby France! -  Lusanne, Switzerland

Check out the list of our links below. Thanks everyone!

Tracy Gayton

I've always had a yearning to live in a village and lookey here. . . someone has outlined a fantastic one (think old European town, not overly hippie) (it even has a nearly unpronounceable name). And his slide presentation is fantastic. Informative, inspirational and funny. It is worth the time it takes to read through it. - -California

Please take the time to watch this important talk. What Tracy is doing is incredibly important not just to his town - but to all of us. He is taking the next step in American Urbanism, forcibly and literally physically re-defining it in service of people and world, rather than, as so much of America (and sadly, therefore to some degree, the world) has become, destructive of. - - Miami, Florida

Gotta love Maine. :) Rock on guys! - -

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