Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Humanity’s Salvation Lies in the Correct Application of Scientific Theory to Architecture

I thank Maureen Mullarkey for these supporting and insightful comments on my latest essay with Michael Mehaffy.

This post raises profound points of disagreement on the possible solutions to our civilization’s decline, however.

I happen to be an architectural theorist as well as a scientist. My new book, “Unified Architectural Theory” (just being proofread), was written because I am convinced that humanity’s salvation lies in the correct application of scientific theory to architecture. Furthermore, I argue that the so-called “theory” used up until now is just cult doctrine and ideology, which is what has destroyed our culture.

Many of us agree on the urgency of the problem, and on the problem itself, but not on the solution. And I believe that people’s mistrust of theory is misplaced — the dominant discourse today in artistic circles is pseudo-theory, and should be condemned for its pretension.

For Robert: CAD programs used today are like loaded firearms: you can use one to protect your family from criminals; or to rob a convenience store. Its use depends on the user’s intention, not the capabilities of the tool itself.

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