Tuesday, December 16, 2014

FC Journal is online: And I'm invited to write for them!

I just got this encouraging message from my new friend John Jacobi:
Hey Øyvind, I just wanted to let you know that the FC Journal is online. We have published four articles, and some more are going to be published in the coming weeks. You can check it out at http://thejournal.link. Feel free to submit any pieces of writing you think should be published (review the guidelines at http://thejournal.link/submit first).
I hope you are doing well!
--- John F. Jacobi
In addition I see they offer help to edit material from foreigners. This is very kind.

To see this new Anti-Technology website is really encouraging, as technology soon has destroyed every single piece of our once beautiful and silent Earth.

Visit this brand new website now:

- FC Journal

The anti-technologist John Jacobi

Please read Jacobi's essay "The Technology Problem".
The biologist Jared Diamond published in 2005 the book Collapse: How societies choose to fail or survive. He summarizes how native populations and cultures that have ‘advanced’ in technology, have, without exception, expanded above carrying boundaries, destroying their own foundation for life. And then they collapsed. There are no historical examples of native populations who cared about anything else than short sighted gain. Human cultures have in the past only been restricted by technological limitations in using up resources, not by their nobility. There is a clear boundary between those cultures who remained at a hunter/gatherer level, in which some still exist, and cultures which developed technology or grew their populations to change the ecosystems they depended upon. All the latter-mentioned cultures are gone, except for the one we live in today. The world’s earlier cultures, like ours today, are a history of how people used all available means to fight for, exploit and deplete the ecosystems they lived in. Regardless of culture, people of all eras struggled and fought for food, place, benefits and values that are connected to the two powers of selection: To get what’s needed to secure nurturing for children and family (natural selection), and to become an attractive partner (sexual selection). — The Biological Human Being, by Terje Bongard and Eivin Røskaft, page 239

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