Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Clearest Writing Person on Energy and the Economy Alive

Wow, Gail. With this post you have cemented your reputation as the clearest writing person on energy and the economy alive. Your value rests upon your ability to think as a systems analyst showing the interconnections of a myriad of factors and thinkers and disciplines somehow pulling it all together using clear examples and potent and pertinent data and graphs. For example I am familiar with the work of Odum(Max Power Principle) and Prigogine(Dissipative structures) and Turchin et al’s work, but linking them together and tying them into energy use, debt use, historical trends, societal wealth creation and explaining how low commodity prices can crash a society instead of high prices pretty much blew me away and I am grateful for the lucidity of this post. I put some of your posts in a folder and this one definitely will be number one to be savored and reread and I will try to find flaws in your reasoning which generally has been a fools errand for me at least. There are so many talking heads out there blathering about this or that factor causing this or that consequence to the economy. Most of them seem to work for Bloomberg, the WSD or the NYT but most of it is so much white noise and oversimplistic babble. HL Mehken put it well(as have many others): “For Every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.”

I am currently reading Michael Grant’s book ”The Fall of the Roman Empire” which includes a listing of factors contributing to its fall , many of which you have mentioned. FYI.

Thanks again, Gail. - cal48koho
Gail Tverberg - the clearest writing person on energy and the economy alive!

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