Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wise Greeks Return to the Land, Stupid Greeks Go to Norway

While Oslo is the most rapid growing city of Europe because of immigration, more and more people leave Athens and other Greek cities. And as the above video from Al Jazeera shows, many of these wisely return to the villages and the land of their forefathers.

Unfortunately some are stupid enough going to Norway, and the most stupid of stupid Greeks go to Oslo to compete about the jobs together with Spaniards, Portuguese and Swedes, among others. In the fishing industry of the north there is easier to get a job.

They come here because they believe Norway is a land of milk and honey, but the truth is that it is a land of oil and gas. Here you can see the speed of which the oil billions pushchairs into our GDP.

The sad truth is that Norway will go the same way as Greece, just a little later, but much harder. So stupid Greeks, coming to Norway getting children here is just passing of the suffering to your children and grandchildren. They would have come better of in the beautiful Greek villages, believe me!

Many Greeks return to the beautiful villages of their country nowadays. Norwegians too dream about living fulfilled lives in such a place. Panoramic photo of the villages of Selianitika and Longos taken from the nearby hills.

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