Monday, October 14, 2013

Simon Michaux on the Implications of Peak Mining

This is a rather MINDBLOWING and important presentation. I strongly recommend you watch this:
Former career mining professional Simon Michaux gives a public lecture describing the onset of ‘peak mining’ and its various implications for natural resource management. This talk was presented in Adelaide by the environmental group, Sustainable Population Australia. The presentation looks at the looming energy crisis, and plots peak gas, coal, uranium and other energy sources as we head towards a time of resource scarcity and radical societal change.

trippticket said...

I told JMG I was going to disappear for a while (I was being a bit of a crybaby), but Jesus am I glad I watched that video you posted for Thijs! When I first clicked it and it registered 49:31 on the run time, I damn near turned it off, but something inside me said not to, and that something is a lot smarter than the conscious me! Thankfully!

Go back and re-describe that thing, something, call it "peak collision with a lot of pain" or "Peak everything smack-down" or something catchier than I can come with.

Dear cloud computing above, watch this video, folks. I'll repost it here for convenience:


Developing a Sustainable Community - Simon Michaux

Dwig said...

Tripp, Oyvind: the Simon Michaux video is definitely worth watching. There's also a followup video by him, titled Developing a Sustainable Community ( It's his own take on what to do in the face of what he describes in the previous video. Sort of a Green Wizardry course in his own thoroughly analytical style.

I'd also like to recommend the most recent post at the Prosperous Way Down site ( titled "Energy, ecology, and economics revisited", where Mary Logan begins to update a 40-year old paper by H.T. Odum, covering the main points of emergy analysis. (In point #7, Odum mentions the effect of the transition from growth to steady state on religion. Also, in the comments, Logan mentions the Carson post.)

The previous post, "The transformity of personal action" is also worth a read (we'll certainly benefit by hainvg some high-quality servant leadership in the times ahead).


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