Monday, October 26, 2015

A Conversation with Professor Bin Jiang

Bin Jiang <>
To Oct 24 at 9:38 PM
HI, Øyvind Holmstad,

While I was looking for info on Eishin campus, I came across your site:

I suspect the front photo or image is copyrighted by you, right? Do you
have any map of the campus?

Just below the front image, there is a link to home page of the Eishin
Campus. But it is dead. Could you kindly let me know the campus homepage?

By the way, I have been studying Christopher Alexander's work. Recently
I developed a mathematical model of wholeness, which I called a
beautimeter; see the paper here:


One of my students have also conducted some mirror of the self tests;
see a report here:

Given the common interest, we keep in contact.

Thanks and cheers.


Bin Jiang
Division of GIScience
Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development
University of Gävle, SE-801 76 Gävle, Sweden
Phone: +46-26-64 8901    Fax: +46-26-64 8758
Email:  Web:
Academic Editor: PLOS ONE
Associate Editor: Cartographica


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Øyvind Holmstad <>
To Bin Jiang
CC Nikos Salingaros Today at 10:35 AM

I stole the photo of the Eishin Campus, it was maybe not nice of me, and I guess it's copyrighted. I don't know if they use this image now, as I can see they have redesigned the site for the campus: 東野高校

There might be a map on their new site?

Thanks for your work! Is it ok if I repost your email on my blog, with links? I mean on my day-to-day blog Permaliv, which is a kind of blackboard for me.

I'm very encouraged by your work and that to your friend in Sweden. I'll look at it.

Ps! Do you stay in Sweden too?

Nice to have some alexandrine friends! Here I try to create a pocket village founded in the work of another devoted follower of Alexander, Ross Chapin: A Lost Opportunity for Skreia (A letter to Ross Chapin) | P2P Foundation

But people here are upset on me because I challenge their utopian suburban dream (read nightmare). I know they will do all in their power to turn my dreams down, and dance and celebrate when they have filled up this beautiful spot with their disconnected mansions.

I send a copy to the mathematician Nikos Salingaros, he might find interest in your beautimeter?

Thanks for information and encouragements!

Kind regards,

HI, Øyvind,

Many thanks for your prompt reply, and encouragement in particular!

No problem to post my email on your blog, BUT I would change that link to:

This would help me to track visits, and convenient for visitors to leave comments as well.

Yes, I live and work in Sweden, and currently developing a new course on Sustainable Urban Design, which is very much inspired by Alexander's profound thought.

I fully share your frustration; see my recent writing on it:

Nikos is my friend, and he has been a source of my inspiration.



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