Sunday, June 26, 2016

A Cup of Coffee for Kunstler

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I wish I could have a cup of coffee with Kunstler, one of the world's brightest thinkers!

This is my coffee cup by the way.

Support Kunstler with a cup of coffee you too, go here.

Kunstler is the BEST man describing how things have gone and are going, while Tverberg is the best one describing how things are likely to go.
So it is clear that if the industrial system were once thoroughly broken down, refrigeration technology would quickly be lost. The same is true of other organization-dependent technology. And once this technology had been lost for a generation or so it would take centuries to rebuild it, just as it took centuries to build it the first time around. Surviving technical books would be few and scattered. An industrial society, if built from scratch without outside help, can only be built in a series of stages: You need tools to make tools to make tools to make tools…. A long process of economic development and progress in social organization is required. And, even in the absence of an ideology opposed to technology, there is no reason to believe that anyone would be interested in rebuilding industrial society. The enthusiasm for “progress” is a phenomenon peculiar to the modern form of society, and it seems not to have existed prior to the 17th century or thereabouts. – Kaczynski (2010)
It has often been said that, if the human species fails to make a go of it here on Earth, some other species will take over the running. In the sense of developing high intelligence this is not correct. We have, or soon will have, exhausted the necessary physical prerequisites so far as this planet is concerned. With coal gone, oil gone, high-grade metallic ores gone, no species however competent can make the long climb from primitive conditions to high-level technology. This is a one-shot affair. If we fail, this planetary system fails so far as intelligence is concerned. The same will be true of other planetary systems. On each of them there will be one chance, and one chance only. – Fred Hoyle (1964)

I’ve decided to support Kunstler with one cup of coffee a month, roughly 5 dollars I guess. He deserves that!

By the way, here’s an update from our Easter Holidays:
Become a patron of Kunstler here.

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