Friday, November 30, 2012

Wholeness and Human Feeling Must be Regained

We hope by now the reader will understand that the battle between system -A and system -B is not merely a clash between two competing theories of architecture. More profoundly, it is a clash between two competing systems of thought, human organization, and social activity. The two worldviews differ about the ways human society should be organized, about questions of ultimate value, and about the ways in which our social and emotional life may typically be arranged.

When this distinction is understood, it will indeed be seen that there must be conflict between the two world-systems. We need this confrontation in order to heal ourselves, and our communities.

The connection between human feeling and the wholeness of the world is profound. The activity of using this connection in service to the world is something that can be regained and must be regained. And in our search for wholeness, the presence of profound feeling in the hearts of human observers is the most sensitive, most reliable measuring stick. - Christopher Alexander, Battle for the Life & Beauty of the Earth, page 60-61

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