Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fascinating Series in Metropolis Magazine by Robert Lamb Hart: A New Humanism

In addition to a very interesting read, these new series about humanism in Metropolis are illustrated with beautiful sketches.
Contemporary knowledge of the biological foundations of “experience” is potentially as revolutionary in its own way as the re-discoveryof the arts and natural philosophy of Greece and Rome by the humanists of the European Renaissance. We now have effective ways to understand the exceptional skill of the artists and designers who, over millennia, have been creating the world’s great places. We can’t know what was in their minds, of course, but we can know why we respond to their work as we do.  Some very smart people are at work in this field, learning and writing about nature and human nature, and I have laid out a sketch that applies my understanding of their findings and ideas in an organized perspective—a way of thinking about design that I call “a new humanism.” - Robert Lamb Hart
Read the whole series from Metropolis Magazine:

A New Humanism

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