Monday, April 8, 2013

My Comment on PCN Regarding an Interview with Anarchist Stuart Christie

Read the article here.

I want to thanks for this article, as I've never really thought about that anarchy can be achieved using the technologies and discoveries of Alexander, as true anarchy not is chaos but self organization.

As I said in my other comment, the best way to achieve this, as I see it, is by using Alexander's pattern technology. But what we must not forget is that this is not alone enough to achieve a re-unification with nature. Personally I have by now read the first and the last book of Alexander's The Nature of Order, and these books are about form languages. As I interpret Alexander every true form language has its origins in The Fifteen Fundamental Properties of Wholeness.

These properties are like an alphabet that can form a myriad of different form languages, as they did throughout human history. Alexander has also done much work to document that these properties work through evolution and through every geological formation of the Earth, all the time from Big Bang.

Strangely, the last century humanity left The Fifteen Fundamental Properties of Wholeness, probably this has never happened before in the history of the universe. This is why resilience cannot be achieved under the influence of modernism, in any shape.

Image 35 in this slideshow shows clearly that a permanent culture can only be achieved when a true pattern language links to a true form language.

Only the unity between these two can again make our world whole, because all biological systems are linked the same way.

A third aspect that should be mentioned is the discovery of the Handicap Principle by Amoz Zahavi. This is in my view a metapattern, it looms above all other patterns like Mount Everest looms above all other mountains. This force can be used for good or evil, and after I learned about the Handicap Principle I can see how the good forces it can release is found in several Alexandrine patterns. But with the knowledge of this principle I've no doubt we can uncover new and very useful patterns growing the good forces of the Handicap Principle.

The Norwegian human behavioral ecologist Terje Bongard has written a whole book about how we can utilize the Handicap Principle in organizing society, unfortunately it's not translated into English yet. I've written an article about these possibilities in Norwegian language.

So my "recipe" is linking the Handicap Principle with the Pattern Language, which is linked with the Form Language, as a whole.

Please note that all three have their origins in science. This way we can make a very solid foundation for a new Permanent Culture, and we might call it anarchy.

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