Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shared Values

In principle, values are those things most important to us, the things we value.
For most people, they are ideals, beliefs, rules to live by. We are generally drawn
to people who share our values. At the core of every defined group of people are
shared values.

Practical Tip: Discuss values as a group and make a written, short, agreed-to list
of the values you have in common. Simply having a discussion about values helps
us understand each other. Deciding which values we share defines our group and helps
people decide if they want to join the group and it also helps people decide to
leave. A written list of shared values also serves as a code of ethics, a place
to turn for guidance when the decision making gets tough.

Shared values are the steadfast ground on which we stand when things are in turmoil. Craig Freshley

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