Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mer vås om høyhus

Denne kommentaren ble i etterkant slettet av redaksjonen hos osloby, ganske utrolig!

Min kommentar til artikkel om høyhus i Oslo. Les artikkelen her.

Min kommentar:

"Når Oslos befolkning vokser og byen skal huse stadig flere, mener Vatnar og hans kollega Tom Kristian Berger nemlig at høyhus er veien å gå."

Vatnar og Berger har tydeligvis lest sin Towards a New Architecture (Le Corbusier, 1927). Leser for tida A Theory of Architecture av Nikos Salingaros, og leste pussig nok rett før jeg gikk inn på Aftenposten følgende:
Towards a New Architecture is undeniably a landmark document of twentieth-century architecture and planning. While this book is used in almost every university as a textbook on architectural theory, we propose reading it not as a serious text, but rather as a propaganda manual for destroying architectural and urban coherence. In the same way, Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf is widely read at universities, not as a rational reference on politics and government, but (putting aside one's reaction of disgust) in order to understand how its author was able to manipulate a nation so as to destroy Europe and implement the Holocaust.

Le Corbusier's Plan Vision (labeled A City of Towers in his book) shows the center of Paris destroyed and replaced with enormous high-rise buildings. The imposition of a simple, powerful, almost authoritarian abstract idea (towers, ostensibly to remove one from noise, smells, and dust) severs the urban relationships, the web of interconnections that weave the urban fabric of a city and make it part of human life. While the intention of cleaning up dark and unhealthy alleys was good, these radical changes were totally untested. Yet a vast experiment was tried (in many other cities) on thousands of lives without any controls. The proposed monolithic geometry, when applied, erased an intricate network and replaced it with a grandly simple non-hierarchy. In so doing, it destroyed both complexity and life - Side 182
Kompleksitet er fundamentet både for bærekraft og det gode liv:

Ekte urbanitet er kompleksitet, det motsatte av disse corbutårna som foreslås her! En banal typologi!

Den boka som burde vært pensum på designskolene, men som avskrives, ignoreres og latterliggjøres av eliten, er A Pattern Language, skrevet av Corbus absolutte motpol, Christopher Alexander. Forøvrig den mest solgte boka om arkitektur på Amazon. Her er et relevant utdrag:
  • Pattern 21: FOUR-STORY LIMIT. "There is abundant evidence to show that high buildings make people crazy. Therefore, in any urban area, no matter how dense, keep the majority of buildings four stories high or less. It is possible that certain buildings should exceed this limit, but they should never be buildings for human habitation." 
  • Pattern 62: HIGH PLACES. "The instinct to climb up to some high place, from which you can look down and survey your world, seems to be a fundamental human instinct. Therefore, build occasional high places as landmarks throughout the city. They can be a natural part of the topography, or towers, or part of the roofs of the highest local building -- but, in any case, they should include a physical climb."
Dette utdraget er også benyttet i artikkelen The End of Tall Buildings:

Artikkelen anbefales på det varmeste!

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