Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Site for Reclaiming the Commons as the Dominant Force of Our Societies Globally

The emancipatory forces of the world urgently need to move away from the simple market/state duopoly and the false binary choices between ‘more market’ or ‘more state’. As an alternative, we propose that we move to a commons-centric society in which a post-capitalist market and state are at the service of the citizens as commoners. While there are already substantial, if not thriving, social movements in favor of the commons, the sharing society and peer-to-peer dynamics, this is the first coherent effort to craft a transition program in which this transformation is described in political and policy terms. - Michel Bauwens
The problem is not just too much market and not enough state. The problem is also that the state has become an enabler of the market, the market has become embedded in the state and, we might even say that today the state itself is not what could be called a ‘public institution’. - Ciudad Furor
The people of the world today find themselves enslaved by what David Bollier so well has named the tyrannic market/state-duopoly. The market and the state were meant to be our servants, but they have now joined forces and become a two-headed monster, attacking the commons. Like a mad dog which has turned against his master and tears him apart.

This need to change! Insane market competition and capitalism must come to an end, while cooperation and sharing must take its place. The state must become submissive to the commons! We have to create the ultimate InGroup-Society with the InGroup-Democracy at its core.

Please spread the knowledge about the COMMONS TRANSITION site, and please join common force with the commons!
The choice is not between more "market" or more "state", there's only one TRUE choice, more COMMONING! - Øyvind Holmstad 
Let's give back our shared world to the commons!

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