Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gail Tverberg: Get as much out of life now, while you can!

My approach is, “Get as much out of life now, while you can. Don’t worry a whole lot about preventing the inevitable.”

Of course, I knew about the problem quite a while ahead. I do have a garden, but I am not convinced that I could ever grow enough food for my family. (It is harder than it looks, especially if a person doesn’t plan to put up metal fences, or use netting that might not be available, or depend on the city water system, or use other modern “helps” that are available thanks to fossil fuels.) I don’t live in a great farming area. My family does not want to be disrupted from their jobs to move to another area, and if I were to spend a lot of time on preparations, it would take away from my writing.

There are a lot of other people who want to try to somehow work around the current problems. I am not the best person to give you advice on how to do this. Mostly, they would like to store up a lot of fossil-fuel made tools, food, and other supplies, and use them until parts break. I can see a point to keeping some supplies on hand, to tide a person over a temporary shortage of water or food, but storing up a huge amount of food doesn’t work well as a long-term strategy.

It is hard to hold on to paper assets. A person can diversify, so that if one bank fails, you will still have funds elsewhere. But if there is a major problem, it will be hard to work around. The best choice is perhaps to spend what money you have now. Give money to charities that you like, or go on trips to visit friends and relatives. Or if you really have the skills and inclination to try to garden/farm, buy some land.

Build relationships with those around you, so you are not alone. Join a church or other organization, as a way of making friends.
This is why I'll bring my family to Gamla Stan in Stockholm now this autumn. I'm afraid it will be our last merry holiday together. It might provide us with some good memories to strengthen us when deflationary collapse hits with full power.

When collapse hits I'll take my family to our farm in Hurdal, as then the terrible traffic will all be gone. I'm not good in making friends, but at least I've no enemies there, except for the mosquitoes. Probably they were the reason why Hurdal was the last place in Akershus County to be re-populated after the Black Death.

An image I made last time in Gamla Stan. This time little sister will join us. We'll travel with the new high speed train Oslo-Stockholm by SJ for only 930 S.Kr. for all four of us.

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