Monday, February 29, 2016

Think Global, Print Local: Book Publishing as a Commons

As you may know, Guerrilla Translation is launching a groundbreaking new project, and we hope we can count on you for some help! Here’s all the information you need to join our team by supporting our crowdfund. Keep your eyes open for updates, and read on...we explain below all the ways that you can collaborate! Many thanks.
Bollier y los comunes
Hello friends of Guerrilla Translation!
We’re writing to tell you about our exciting news here at GT - we have a crowdfund campaign launching today, February 29th on Goteo, supporting our commons-oriented, sustainable publishing project: Think Global, Print Local. We’re embarking on a new adventure in collaboration, translation, and publishing.
We’re launching a new kind of publishing network, with a team of P2P/commons publishers in Europe and Latin America. The idea is to “think global” - create a book translation and release a free e-book - and “print local” - support small, local printers and publishers, and avoid environmentally destructive long-distance shipping.
Funds raised in this campaign will allow us to kick off this new network with a Spanish translation of a specially chosen book - David Bollier’s “Think Like a Commoner”. We’d love for you to join us in the adventure of growing our sustainable knowledge commons - online and on paper! How can you help Think Global, Print Local?
  1. Watch for updates. We’re launching today, but as the campaign progresses we may need some support in getting more attention. Keep track of the campaign on our Goteo page.
  2. Donate. If you want to support us with a monetary donation, would you please consider doing so in the first days of the campaign? With a strong base of immediate support, we stand a much better chance of realizing our dream.
  3. Group support. Have a look at our rewards page, your community group could help sponsor some books for another community in a Spanish-speaking country!
  4. Sponsorship. Your group could sponsor a live event, even an in-person appearance.
  5. Pass it on. When you get updates about the crowdfund, please share them forward to your friends and colleagues - be sure to tell them why you think it’s a good idea to support us.
  6. Share. Follow our crowdfund on Facebook and Twitter, share and please comment on what we post
  7. Collaborate. There are non-monetary contributions listed on our crowdfund page, have a look and see where you might lend a hand.
With this crowdfund, we want to create a sustainable way to share information cross-culturally with other communities through translations of books, and have those books available to communities in hard copy - not only digital. Our partners in this adventure are: La Libre/Cornucopia Editorial (Peru),Sursiendo (Mexico), Tinta Limón (Argentina) and Traficantes de Sueños (Spain). Help support our work in creating those translations, e-books and hard copies in multiple locations - #ThinkGlobalPrintLocal!

TLAC cover ES resized
Get the book for your Spanish speaking friends!


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