Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stygge bygninger er uvitenskapelige og irreligiøse!

Our educated world remains ignorant about the distinction between science and technology, unfortunately. Science helps us understand the universe and ourselves. Technology applies scientific results to master processes that we can manipulate so as to better our lives. It is also applied to kill people directly, destroy nature, and threaten our own survival. Or to save us from our stupidity. Tools can be used for either good or evil.
Modernism, in my view, was a massive but unscientific application of technology to shape the world into an industrial image. It was unscientific because no thought was ever given to discovering how human beings interact with their environment, or whether we need certain specific geometrical features like we need nourishment and air, or to understanding how human being interact with each other to create a city. Modernist architects just drew forms on paper that looked like machines, and those in power built them. Again, to show the total lack of science here, when the first projects proved to be dehumanizing disasters, nobody was allowed to say that. And even if someone did, there was no revising those failed building and urban typologies because they were a central part of the ideology of industrial modernism. We still have them with us today. You dare not criticize them. This is not science! - Nikos A. Salingaros
Les hele intervjuet hos The Philadelphia Society: JAMES KALB INTERVIEWS NIKOS SALINGAROS

Intervjuet er nå også publisert hos The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia: James Kalb Interviews Nikos Salingaros on Architecture’s Influence on Society and Consumerism


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