Thursday, November 17, 2011

Selling the Oil Illusion, American Style

Thank you very much for this article! As Statoil, 67 % owned by the Norwegian state, is heavily engaged in tar sands in Alberta and also is into fracking and other stuff in North America, our energy minister Ola Borten Moe praises this engagement, as the future is here. So do the Norwegian media too, yesterday I read a long article in one of our newspapers (Dag&Tid) that the future of oil industry is in Northern America, having larger oil reservoirs than the rest of the world all together, and their production rapidly increasing. They wrote that the Hubert model and peak oil is just nonsense, and that oil sands and fracking is getting more and more clean and efficient as technology advances. So Norway has to engage in this stuff to be part of the future, it goes. Good to have Energy Bulletin to get a balance, but I guess nobody in Statoil or the Norwegian department of energy is reading your fantastic blog. A Shame! (My comment to the article in its comments thread)

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