Monday, September 16, 2013

Demoniseringen av Israel og jødene

Anmeldelse av boka "Demonizing Israel and the Jews" av Manfred Gerstenfeld. Det blir mer og mer tydelig at israelshat og antisemittisme går ut på det samme.

Les anmeldelsen av boka i New English Review her.

Fra anmeldelsen:
Gerstenfeld is acutely aware of what he deems non-selective Muslim immigration to Europe that has resulted in inflaming Jew hatred. He notes the murders of French Jews committed by Muslims in France chronicled by Nidra Poller, a New English Review contributor. He has particularly disdain for Scandinavian, Labor Party figures in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, who have fostered Anti-Israelism and intimidation of their Jewish communities. Intimidation brought about by tolerance of Muslim émigré anti-Semitic hatred.The most flagrant example is the Swedish City of Malmo that Gerstenfeld considers “the capital of European anti-Semitism.“ He derides the anti-Semitic statements by Malmo’s Mayor, Ilmar Reepalu. A US State Department expert on world anti-Semitism has called such attitudes “anti-Israel sentiment serving as a guise for Jew hatred.”
Malmø, den europeiske anti-semittismens hovedstad. Foto: Ärkan

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