Sunday, September 1, 2013

Salingaros` New Book UNIFIED ARCHITECTURAL THEORY Will be Published Free Online in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. One Chapter Every Month.

With great pleasure I can inform that Salingaros' last book “Unified Architectural Theory” will be published for free downloading at the internet. In addition to English language it will be translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

Arch Daily writes:
In the following months, we at ArchDaily will be publishing Nikos Salingaros’ book, Unified Architectural Theory, in a series of installments, making it digitally, freely available for students and architects around the world. In the following paragraphs, Salingaros explains why we’ve decided to impart on this initiative, and also introduces what his book is all about: answering “the old and very disturbing question as to why architects and common people have diametrically opposed preferences for buildings.”

ArchDaily and I are initiating a new idea in publishing, one which reflects the revolutionary trends awaiting book publishing’s future. At this moment, my book, Unified Architectural Theory, 2013, is available only in the USA. With the cooperation of ArchDaily and its sister sites in Portuguese and Spanish, it will soon be available, in a variety of languages, to anyone with internet access. Being published one chapter at a time, students and practitioners will be able to digest the material at their leisure, to print out the pages and assemble them as a “do-it-yourself” book for reference, or for use in a course. For the first time, students will have access to this material, in their own time, in their own language, and for free!
Read the whole introduction here:

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