Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My First Thought is Probably Not My Best

In principle, my initial reaction - my first thought - is very rarely my best thought.
Often my first thought is absurd and shows me how not to react.

Like first brush strokes on a canvas, first thoughts provide a starting place for
more refined thoughts, for subsequent brush strokes. First thoughts, like initial
brush strokes, are rarely worth sharing. In fact, sharing first thoughts can be
deeply counter-productive to good group decisions.

Practical Tip: Just because I think something, doesn't mean I have to say it or
act on it. When we share first thoughts we run a substantial risk of offending others,
saying things we will regret, and requiring the group to spend time on issues that
turn out to be a waste of time. Best to sit with our thoughts until a clear picture
emerges of what we want to say. - Craig Freshley

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