Friday, September 13, 2013

Must Gropius be Condemned by a Just and Wrathful God to Spend All Eternity in His Own Buildings

Øyvind Holmstad said...

"...while to the atheists, having the right beliefs brings salvation from the ignorant and superstitious past that fills the place of eternal damnation in their mythos."

A bright observation! This is also the very sign of modernist architecture, the architecture of progress, to contradict all traditional architecture. Except for Norman Borlaug, I can hardly think of anyone that has brought more damage upon our world than Le Corbusier.

Salingaros has a nice essay about this in last issue of New English Review:

By the way, in Norway we have a party named "Fremskrittspartiet", which directly translated means "the party of progress." In the election this week they got close to 17% of the votes.

A pity not more people here read your blog, then not so many would have voted for a party with such an obscure name.

John Michael Greer said...

Øyvind, granted, Le Corbusier has a lot to answer for, but I'd save a share of the blame for the Bauhaus. My sister-in-law had to spend a year in a college dorm designed by Gropius, and ended up wishing that he could be condemned by a just and wrathful God to spend all eternity in his own buildings.

Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus School. To be condemned to spend an eternity in his buildings is surely a punishment surpassing all of Dante's visions of Hell.

Read the article here.

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