Friday, November 29, 2013

Private Property Rights in Land Were the Beginning of Suburban Sprawl

As Bradford wrote: ‘‘And no man now thought he could live except he had catle and a great deale of ground to keep them all, all striving to increase their stocks. By which means they were scattered all over the bay quickly and the townes in which they lived compactly till now was left very thinne.’’ You might say that private property rights in land were the beginning of suburban sprawl. - David Bollier
Private property rights in land just didn't destroy nature, they also destroyed our towns. The suburban house is nothing than a ridiculous farmers house on a small lot, where lawnmowers have replaced cattle and sheep to keep the grass short. A pathetic typology loved by most people, although it represents NOTHING. It's just a tragicomical and false "countryside-feeling", as well as a tragicomical and false "urban-feeling".

Pathetic! Photo: Brendel

Read the whole article by David Bollier:

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