Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kallerud by Gjøvik

I have many professions, one of them is working as a photographer of Wikipedia. Mostly this is a nice job, but sometimes I've to document really dirty things. A long time I wanted to document Kallerud, an industrial and shopping area just before arriving the town of Gjøvik by Rv. 4 from the South. Here the land has completely been surrendered to ugliness and misery, where modernity shows its grimmest of faces. Today I just decided to jump into it, to get it overdone.

Writing this I still suffer of trauma from all this meaningless ugliness. Here's nothing to see but small scale crap and large scale crap, as Christopher Alexander would have put it. No God, no love, no life.

The only thing we see is the utterly degradation of humanity.

All the images can be seen at Wikimedia Commons here.

The new shopping mall and Rv. 4, the highway. Note that people don't care much to throw garbage in such environments, as it anyway makes no difference.

A closer study of the box mall. A couple of years ago there were a beautiful forest here.

Non-fractal structure suppresses the human scale!

The new incinerators to burn all the garbage of our pointless consumer lives

A symbol of modern life, driving around getting nowhere

One of a long range of unbelievably ugly bridges crossing the Hunnselva River, before it enters Lake Mjøsa.

The nice one they teared down, and put the beautiful waterfalls in a pipeline. The highway now runs where the waterfalls once were.

No life by the riverbanks, just death!

I'm sorry I had to show you this. But as a documentary photographer I'm obligated to document all aspects of life.

Please join the battle!

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