Wednesday, June 10, 2015

We Need a Concerted Effort to Keep Population Down

Norway is one of the world's most heavily overpopulated countries compared to our tiny areas of arable land. With increasing numbers of wolfs it will become more difficult having domestic animals tending themselves, like pigs do in Cuba. And to be honest, people should not really live in Norway, it's too cold here!

To put our best soil under asphalt is not the smartest thing to do, like here in Vaggadalen Valley at Hadeland.

What should our descendants prefer for dinner, boiled potatoes or fried asphalt? 

The most sensible thing we can do now facing collapse of industrial civilization, is to reduce our numbers. No woman should be allowed to have more than two children, with lower taxes for one-child-women and zero tax for non-child-women.

Further immigration must be stopped! More people in Norway just means more suffering for us all.
In my view, the population of groups of humans in an area of adequate resources tends always to grow, because of nature’s plan of natural selection (so that all species including humans, have more offspring than needed to replace themselves). Humans learned over 1 million years ago how to control fire. This ability has tended to allow more offspring to live than needed to replace the parents. Unless a group makes a concerted effort to keep population down (including some combination of birth control, abortions, and killing off of infants/young adults to keep population at the desired level), it is almost impossible to keep population down.

Humans can’t get along without external energy. We need to cook our food, because of the way we have evolved. Also, human population has spread to many parts of the world where it is too cold or too dry for humans to live without supplemental energy of some sort. Some of this energy is used for purposes such as drilling wells. - Gail Tverberg

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