Friday, May 22, 2015

Only the Clothing

My bullshit radar is chronically blinking “red alert!”, “red alert”.

I´ve never been a fan of large groups be it in the sustainability community or the spiritual community, the blogging community or the art community. I just don´t respond well to people in groups, they scare me, herd mentality, lynch mob. Besides, every so called “counter-culture” or “sub culture” I´ve been a member of have never- de facto- been different from the larger culture they tried to separate themselves from. Only the clothing.

Power struggles, shaming, social greed, the hierarchy, the imposing of values, one asshole after the other proclaiming “I´m more enlightened than you”, I THINK I FEEL we have a problem with the correlation between individuality and community in our culture, our culture kinda seems fascist in so far as it only accepts ONE truth (it´s own).

“Red alert!”, “Red alert!” every time someone tells me to be happy. - Andrea Hejlskov
If this girl had read Terje Bongard's book "The Biological Human Being" she would have known why it's like this. No real change can be made before we implement Bongard's RID-model!

People don't become nice just because they were a self knittet wool sweater or start eating ecological food.

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