Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lommedemokratiet hos Kulturverk

Les mitt siste essay, skrevet i frisk fjelluft, hos Kulturverk:

Look over the histories of fallen civilizations, and far more often than not, societies don’t have to be dragged down the slope of decline and fall. Rather, they go that way at a run, convinced that the road to ruin must inevitably lead them to heaven on earth. Arnold Toynbee, whose voluminous study of the rise and fall of civilizations has been one of the main sources for this blog since its inception, wrote at length about the way that the elite classes of falling civilizations lose the capacity to come up with new responses for new situations, or even to learn from their mistakes; thus they keep on trying to use the same failed policies over and over again until the whole system crashes to ruin. That’s an important factor, no question, but it’s not just the elites who seem to lose track of the real world as civilizations go sliding down toward history’s compost heap, it’s the masses as well. - JMG
Så gjenstår det å se, vil politikerne våre kjøre vår sivilisasjon i grøfta med å repetere den gamle, forfeilede politikken, eller vil de ta til seg lommedemokratiet?

Ross Chapin i lommenabolaget. Måtte han, sammen med Terje Bongard, løftes fram som representanter for en ny tid, hvor vi bygger vårt samfunn på de beste egenskaper i menneskenaturen.

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