Friday, August 14, 2015

Big Shities: Do you prefer to die fast or less fast?

First you have to answer the question: How rapidly do you want to die?  As to the end result, it really doesn't matter which Big Shitty you live in— once services cease to function your life expectancy is about one week.

A few well placed bombs in the water pumping stations that support LA and you will die of thirst unless your private militia rapidly occupies and holds a supermarket with lots of bottled water and Gatorade.  Now dying of thirst is not pleasant, but at least it is fairly rapid. If you try to flee in the Beemer using your one remaining tank of gas, where are you going to go?  Bakersfield or the Mojave Desert?  Garden oaises both of them.

If you put the Big Apple at the head of your Shitty list, you'd better hope that the Final Blackout doesn't happen in the middle of the winter.  As a New Yacker it is unlikely that you will own a car.  Or if you did it has already been stripped to the bare chassis and the remnant turned into public housing, and you've no possibility of fleeing to the countryside on the dead public transport system.  Unless of course you have more guns than anybody else and no hesitancy to use them.  Oh well, dying from a bullet is much quicker than dying of thirst.

Consider your situation had you chosen an honarable profession like becoming a dope grower in Mendecino county California instead of getting an MBA from MIT and prostituting yourself on Wall Street.  You'd have a big vegetable garden out behind the house and a nice trout pond in the lower 40.  In the hills behind your farm you'd have miles of underground gravity fed irrigation instaled. Your product will always be in demand, far more useful as trade goods for the other things you need, like bullets for the deer rifle, than all the worthless paper bills with dead presidents pictures on them that you could have accumulated if you'd gotten your MBA. - Crazy Horse
The Big Shitty of Oslo

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