Monday, October 24, 2016

Architecture as a Process & Spaces for the Soul – A documentary about Christopher Alexander

Published at P2P-Foundation here.

Fantastic documentary about the work of Christopher Alexander, explaining why architecture should be a process founded upon feeling.

Please, people of Hurdal in Norway, make sure you make your new urban village an all including process of architecture, filling it with spaces for the soul. The best possible start for your project would be a “Pattern Language”-conference.

A Pattern Language Conference in the Sustainable Valley of Hurdal in 2017?


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  1. Interesting comments thread about the work of Alexander is taking place here:

    Bin Jiang's thread starter:

    “Alexander is a scientist, and he discovered – rather than invented – that living structure exists in all traditional buildings and cities and works of art, as well as in nature and biology. In other words, living structure is NOT his invention, just as fractal is a discovery rather than an invention of mathematicians. The open letter simply points out a matter of fact of living structure rather than an imposed opinion. In addition, could you explain what you mean by justice? Are you saying that that every one is entitled to do whatever architecture he/she likes? Thanks.”


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