Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Friend's Friend on American TV!

I'm a friend of Michel Bauwens (one out of thousands), who looks upon me as an anti-intellectual intellectual. I think this is a compliment!?! Anyway I'm proud of being a spearhead for the commons movement in Norway, in spite of that many Norwegians hate me for taking this role. Norwegians in general are some bloody individualists, and don't care for the commons. Sad, but true!

I don't know David Bollier, and I don't think he's so enthusiastic about outsiders like me as Bauwens. After all he's a lawyer. But he's one of Bauwens best friends. And I'm happy he's getting "mainstream", because of his message. And Bollier's book "Think Like a Commoner" is a must read for anybody who don't want to waste their lives as bloody individualists!

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