Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bob Dylan's - Inside Dylan's Jesus Years: Born Again

På samme vis som bedehuset ikke lenger er en trussel, men har oppnådd kultstatus, ser man nå på Dylans kristne periode.
Once called Dylans God Awful Gospel by his most loyal fans, Bob Dylans Jesus Years are today regarded as among the best of his career. Finally, here is an insiders view into Bob Dylans Born Again transformation, and its affect on his life and music. In late 1978, Bob Dylan fell into the Arms of the Lord through the Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church. In his first-ever interview, Dylans Bible class teacher, Pastor Bill Dwyer, details Bob Dylans embrace of Jesus Christ and Christianity. Dylan then made three Gospel albums, winning a Grammy for Gotta Serve Somebody. However, Dylans radical new direction alienated fans and enraged critics as he preached evangelical messages from the Book of Revelation.
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- Bob Dylan's - Inside Dylan's Jesus Years: Born Again

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