Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Image Illustrating Model A Ferguson-Brown Tractor and Three-Point Linkage on Wikipedia

The principal feature of the Ferguson System was the three-point linkage. This allowed trailed implements to be supported on a hydraulic system. Two drag links attached under the rear axle with a single compression link connected to the upper rear transmission case automatically regulating the hydraulic suspension's height. This allowed lighter implement to be used, with no attached wheels or separate manual controls. By assisting the tractor to maintain traction from a combined drag and rotary force to the axle, which kept the rear driving wheels on the ground, the front steering wheels had improved contact with the ground. Consequently the "rearing and bucking" of overloaded tractors was reduced, making tractors much safer for the operator.

Read more on Wikipedia.

A random image I took a while ago, and suddenly it appears on Wikipedia as a central image illustrating the three-point linkage of Massey Ferguson.


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