Saturday, April 21, 2012

Complexity = Simplicity

  • The strange thing is that only a complex society can support the simpler way, while the complicated societies we have today has nothing to do with complexity, but are all about fragmentation. It's hard for people to see this, but complexity = simplicity:
  • Andy
    So you are saying that simple societies never existed prior to the development of complex societies?
    Many people seem to think that a solar array on their remote farmhouse = simplicity.

  • Yes, you are correct, that is also a sort of simplicity. But nature always search for the simplest way, and that's why nature can be so complex. Also the people living in that farmhouse of old times, lived in a very complex relationship with their surroundings. Please read Salingaros' essay, and you will understand. For me that essay was like a flash of insight, and I suddenly saw the world in a new light. 
Ted Trainer and the Simpler Way. Go directly to the essay here (pdf)

The benefits of a lower energy civilization

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