Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Worshipping the Machine and Industrial Methods as Ends in Themselves

In their effort to promote a liberated and classless society, the Modernists and their successors tried to stamp out history and tradition, and the meanings associated with them, as embodied in the places where we live and work. They failed to create a social utopia, but they did tremendous damage to the physical setting for civilization. Worshipping the machine and industrial methods as ends in themselves, they became the servants of an economy that plundered the future in order to power the engines of production and consumption for the present. This is the essence of the hubris that tries to destroy history: Yesterday's tomorrow turns out to be no future at all. And this destructive, futureless economy is precisely the predicament in which America finds itself today. - James Howard Kunstler, "The Geography of Nowhere", page 84

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