Thursday, August 3, 2017

Canon Failed Me! EOS 6D Mark II is a Betrayal!

This comment says it all:
Yes, today Sony and Nikon are vying for  the innovation crown.  Recent rumors for the D850 release are pretty heady. 45-46MP, a true ISO 50, improved low and high ISO DR, up to 10 fps continuous (not clear if this will be just in 20MP crop-sensor mode),  D5 AF, tilty screen, and XQD card slot, and full-frame 4k video. Now, video AF will still pale compared to Canon's, but if true, most of these rumors are true, this will be an amazing camera. Of course this is a whole different category from the 6DMII. What it means though is that Nikon has created enough room below the D850 that it won't have to "nerf" the D750 replacement to create product differentiation. Nikon can release a (D780?) with a 30MP sensor, 8-10FPS, 4k video, dual-card slots and marginally improved sensor (if at all) and still have a far superior camera campared to the 6DMII.

Yes, Nikon has had quality control problems, and yes, Canon's lens portfolio is a bit better. However, between Nikon's offerings and third party lenses, there is nothing that isn't covered from my perspective.

Will this cut into Canon's lead?  Probably not.  The switching costs are simply too high. But since I'm not invested in Canon stock, their lead in market share does me absolutely no good.

So bye bye Canon. I have a few L lenses in good shape--24-70mm L II, 70-300mm L, 100mm L, 85mm L II, and 100-400mm L II--that are going on the market soon. Selling these lenses should more than cover the purchase of D850 and Nikon 105E lens. - Anglet

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