Monday, June 19, 2017

Promoted in Awarded Architecture Blog

I'm very honored and happy to be promoted at Architecture Here and There, awarded top 100 architecture blog. Even more happy I am for the promotion of Market Towns, earlier Village Towns, which is the urbanism we need for our future. Read the article by David Brussat!

- Market town, New Zealand

I made a comment to Brussat's excellent introduction to Market Towns for his readers:
Market Town used to call themselves Village Town, I think they changed the name to strengthen their connection to the Medieval market towns. Anyway they have a sibling in Maine, USA, the Piscataquis Village Project:

(Currently I’m blogging at PermaLiv, my oldest blog.)

“Primus motor” of Market Towns is Claude Lewenz. He wrote some books on the topic and too has some nice presentations.

The point of Market Towns is to make them function complete and function compact, using timeless patterns:  
LeveVeg means “way of life”. It can too be written LeveVei. A guy hosting the blog LeveVei made a nice interview with Salingaros:

Thank you for promoting Market Towns!

Kind regards,
Øyvind Holmstad

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