Thursday, February 12, 2015

JMG: We Could be Facing a European War within Weeks

It’s not an unreasonable feeling, all things considered. In Washington DC, Obama’s flunkies are beating the war drums over Ukraine, threatening to send shipments of allegedly “defensive” weapons to join the mercenaries and military advisors we’ve already not-so-covertly got over there. Russian officials have responded to American saber-rattling by stating flatly that a US decision to arm Kiev will be the signal for all-out war. The current Ukrainian regime, installed by a US-sponsored coup and backed by NATO, means to Russia precisely what a hostile Canadian government installed by a Chinese-sponsored coup and backed by the People’s Liberation Army would mean to the United States; if Obama’s trademark cluelessness leads him to ignore that far from minor point and decide that the Russians are bluffing, we could be facing a European war within weeks. - JMG
I'm sorry to say that the Norwegian governments, supported by a unison Norwegian media, are joining the Americans and their clueless president for a hypocritical war against Russia.

The only man in Norway to stand up telling the truth, like JMG, is Pål Steigan at

I'm really ashamed that Norway is joining this march toward war, a war which only purpose is to split Ukraine and Russia into small pieces, easily to be swallowed by greedy corporations and capitalists.

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