Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Movement Against Yourself

Green groups [...] have spent a lot of time trying to change individual lifestyles: the iconic twisty light bulb has been installed by the millions, but so have a new generation of energy-sucking flatscreen TVs. Most of us are fundamentally ambivalent about going green: We like cheap flights to warm places, and we’re certainly not going to give them up if everyone else is still taking them. Since all of us are in some way the beneficiaries of cheap fossil fuel, tackling climate change has been like trying to build a movement against yourself—it’s as if the gay-rights movement had to be constructed entirely from evangelical preachers, or the abolition movement from slaveholders. - Bill McKibben
Personally I have to admit it's great to get away from the Norwegian cold sometimes, to spend hours swimming in the sea. Bathing in Lake Mjøsa for two minutes in the middle of the summer makes me colder than after two hours in the waters outside Spain.

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