Monday, August 20, 2012

A Building Must Not Shout

All these different features of the process must be going on continually while we are making the building. Indee. But in addition, there is one additional thing – the state of mind which must accompany this process. The essence of this state of mind is that the building must not shout. Emotionally, it must be completely quiet. – Christopher Alexander, The Luminous Ground, page 304
Indre Vassholmen island, Indre Oslofjord, Norway, shortly before 1900. Shows an old couple wit a dog in front of their house with the common Norwegian-Swedish flag for the union (unionsflagget, kalt "sildesalaten") used between 1844-1899. Can't see the photorafetr's name, but Mr. Edvin Bauthler (1859-1934), Oslo, has shot other pictures from the island around the same time.

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