Friday, July 5, 2013

They are Indoctrinated to Hate and Destroy Traditional Architectural Expressions

Young persons are exposed to promotional images of design in schools and the media, and are told that this is what they must value from now on. They are indoctrinated to hate and destroy traditional architectural expressions, as something not to pursue.

Many people correctly blame the West and powerful local interests for turning the country's young against their own culture. For the wealthy Western nations, teaching nihilism is just another silliness of contemporary society, along with pseudo-art that intentionally profanes God. But developing countries stand to risk all they have - their traditional art and architecture - in imitating the West on this point.

Our proposal is for education reform that would immediately stop teaching hatred of one's own architectural heritage and culture. No crime is more unpardonable than parricide: killing one's own parents. But how do we judge an architecture school that teaches students to despise their own heritage, and instill in them an eagerness to destroy it? - Salingaros & Madsen II

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